I’m a Brooklyn based freelance director and producer who seeks to reimagine the human experience through work that uncovers where we have been, exposes where we are, and imagines where we are going as a community. I’m is dedicated to the building of bridges; between past and the present, classic and new,  language and physicality, the audience and the performer and more importantly, the theater and our local and global communities. Right now her focus is artistic action and reinvention for communal change.


Above all else I seek to create work that reimagines, rebuilds and redefines possibility.  I’m inspired by theatrical stories with a deeply honest core but that have the possibility to be told in a non traditional, innovative, theatrical form. I imagine new processes in the rehearsal room that are uphold the voice of every artist in the room, collaboration is at the core. I love stories that demand the impossible of all involved, stories that ask more questions than answers; stories that live in the space between the real and surreal, the awake and the dreaming, the living and the dead.  She imagines spaces on stage between oppositions, fact and fiction, black and white, the grey area colorfully reimagined. She seeks to create a world on stage where the familiar is strange and the strange is familiar. Where process, form, communication are constantly being challenged and reimagined.


I seeks to use theatre to empower all members of local and distant community to give voice to their story. I hold space for courage whether this person identifies with their artistic side or not. This also means making plays that are invitations and conversations rather than presentations and placing focus on the audience as a character in the play. I’m dedicated to not only what stories we are sharing but how we are sharing them and who we are sharing them with. This value started my community based theater collective, the [re]group.  For me, the endlessly passionate commitment to directing, producing and teaching comes from the years of silencing myself and the stifling of ideas, opinions and values. I allowed fear to dominate and after seeing the impact of this on not just myself and on so many others, I devoted the rest of my life to shattering these cycles of silence wherever I can and replacing them with duende filled expression. Theater is tool to do so but I am inspired by a range of others and infuse collaboration at every turn. This is not an individual sport. This is not an individual fight. This is not an individual expression.


I am a teaching artist with The Other Side Intercultural Theatre. The Other Side creates a cross-cultural exchange of dramatic storytelling amongst girls which supports their common experience, inspires leadership, and develops community. Using devised theatre and storytelling techniques, participating girls create dramatic pieces, exploring what it means to be a girl in the context of their own community and culture. The great strength and the great suffering that comes a long with a female identity is brought to the forefront. I’ve been working to develop the curriculum into one that allows the empowerment of each girl’s chosen female and artistic identity. As part of the creative process, each U.S.-based participating group documents and shares their creative exploration with an international-based participant group, and vice-versa, thereby creating an intercultural dialogue and building friendships. Through these creative processes, performances, and friendships, the girls learn about each other, about themselves, and gain the confidence to create change in their communities and advocate for equality for girls worldwide. Like pen pals. But with theatre.  http://www.theothersidenyc.org/about-us/


I’m the founding artistic director of ensemble the [re]group and former artistic director of Story People Theatre Group. I’m a producer and resident director working to ignite curious and artist supported work with Goldfish Memory Productions. I’ve served as a producer, artistic and literary associate at Cape Cod Theatre Project, Primary Stages, LCT3 and Naked Angels and is the audience development associate at All For One Theater. I am a proud member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and has an MFA in Directing from The New School for Drama, 2017. Check the news section for upcoming and recent projects.

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