Lana is a Brooklyn based freelance director and producer who seeks to reimagine the human experience. Lana is dedicated to building a bridge between the audience and the performer and more importantly, the theater and our local and global communities. 


Lana is passionate about telling stories that inspire conversation, imagination, and healing within the community.  She is passionate about  stories that are bold and terrifyingly truthful yet infused with imagination. She is inspired by plays that tell stories that exist in the space between the real and surreal, the awake and the dreaming, the living and the dead.  She seeks to create a world on stage where the familiar is strange and the strange is familiar. 


Lana seeks to tell stories that empower and strengthen a diverse range of communities. Lana is passionate about breaking down traditional theater walls and making sure stories are taken outside of a limited space and into communal spaces. The stories are inspired by and for all. She is thrilled by theater leaving the theater.  Lana believes theater cannot be made alone or experienced alone and is is at its core an invaluable tool for the building of empathy.  For Lana, the passion, choice and need to be a storyteller in the theater came from the discovery that for much of her life she had silenced herself and not given voice to her own stories and truths.  Then she began to observe how often other people silence themselves or become silenced within a community. She felt paralyzed by how wrong and inauthentic it felt  to lose her own voice and in turn, watch others lose theirs. Theater served as an open door to break this cycle of silence. Finding theater and the joyful challenge of being a director has allowed Lana to not only express and empower her own voice but dedicate herself to using theater to  empower all voices who are not being heard and stories who have been left untold.  


 Lana is a teaching artist with The Other Side Intercultural Theatre, Inc, which is an initiative to create a community of girls through global drama exchange. The Other Side creates a cross-cultural exchange of dramatic storytelling amongst girls which supports their common experience, inspires leadership, and develops community. Using devised theatre and storytelling techniques, participating girls create dramatic pieces, exploring what it means to be a girl in the context of their own community and culture. As part of the creative process, each U.S.-based participating group documents and shares their creative exploration with an international-based participant group, and vice-versa, thereby creating an intercultural dialogue and building friendships. Through these creative processes, performances, and friendships, the girls learn about each other, about themselves, and gain the confidence to create change in their communities and advocate for equality for girls worldwide.Like pen pals. But with theatre. For more information


Lana is a producer and the resident director with Gold Fish Memory Productions.  She was the former artistic director at Story People Theater Group. She has worked in the artistic and literary departments at Primary Stages, LCT3 and Naked Angels. Lana is a member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and  has an MFA in Directing from The New School for Drama, 2017.