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We are an ensemble of multi-disciplinary affiliated activist artists. We collectively reimagine our stories in order to inspire communal healing. We break apart structures of the past in our theatre and local community in order to rebuild a stronger, more diverse and empathetic whole. We believe that concrete action needs to be taken to shift focus off of just the “what” being created and spend equal time examining and questioning how are making  art and for whom are we making this for.


The stories we choose are in direct inspiration to the communities we are forming or sharing the piece with. The core of the story needs to be about what fractures or unites a community. We believe in giving voice to where we have been in order to redefine the present and reimagine the future. This informs our decision to form each piece from a tale, fable, classic play, myth, poem, piece of folk lore, literature of the past in order to break it apart and make it accessible and exciting for right now.


Both in artistic process, performance and conversation, we will dismantle traditional rules and structures of the theatre and the outside world in an effort to rebuild new practices and processes that serve the community we are today. We break apart in order to rebuild. We fracture structures of the past rebuild them for the present in order to reimagine our future. We aim to examine the tactics and tools we use to create art in a way that is artistically innovative and truly collective. We believe everyone is an artist and has both natural and acquired ways to artistically express themselves. Everyone in the room is both a thinker and a doer, a leader and a listener, a dreamer and a dramaturg, an artist and a community member. We are thrilled by multi disciplinary art and the intersection of the wide range of creative expression that our community identifies with. Storytelling for us begins with intersection.


For you.

We share our stories anywhere where the community can gather, in both public and theatre spaces. The priority is forming a communal experience and seeing how we can alter the show and the evening to engage deeper with that specific audience. There is never a ticket admission, We travel to spaces within all New York boroughs (and soon beyond!). We seek to create a safe, brave and courageous space for innovative artistic expression, uncomfortable and necessary conversation, celebration and first steps toward healing with as a diverse a range of our local community as possible. In our work, the audience is the most important character in the play. We want to invest the time in learning from our audiences about where and how artistic expression and storytelling intersect with their community as well as what ideas and issues they feel are going unspoken. We share stories but we also listen deeper than we speak.